Welcome to Shield


Shield Insurance Consultants S.A.R.L established on 2/12/1998
Commercial Register 74086/Beirut.
License from Ministry of Economy: 147 dated 9/9/1999.

Shield studies:

  • The best conditions to suit your needs
  • Your needs to tailor your contract
  • The most effective way to benefit from your contract
  • The conditions of your policy in relation to your premium
  • Your present dilemma to advise you of your rights as a client vis a vis your insurance company.


General Manager: Halim N. Zakhour
U.S.J graduate in insurance

He has attended over 40 seminars of insurance, sales and marketing. More than 35 years of experience in the field, has been many times appointed in top managerial positions.

General Manager for several insurance companies over the last 20 years. Shield insurance consultants is proud to service you through a professional team of dedicated staff. Shield insurance consultants sarl is representing several Lebanese insurance companies, all are highly classified and have excellent reputation over the Lebanese and Arab insurance market.

Shield is member of the Lebanese Insurance Brokers Syndicate ( LIBS ). We believe that we are unique in that we offer you consultancy based on an innovative new way of serving you and your needs in the field. Apart from being able to serve you as a broker, we can advise you on prospective insurance policies to save your time and money in your ventures. We offer professional and reliable counsel to enable you to protect your life and general property interests in the most effective way.

The general manager is assisted by: Imad H. Zakhour

Imad completed his bachelor in business administration at USJ in 2015, and has earned his master's degree in management and finance from ESA Business School in 2017. Imad also attended multiple insurance training sessions.