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1 Jan2017

Protfolio of Shield Exceeding 1 million

Determination, persistence and skills have made Shied Insurance Consultants a professional brokerage firm which through the enormous efforts of its hardworking team and the utmost trust of its selected and esteemed clients, has built in just a few years a diversified portfolio of life and investment plans, healthcare programs, special motor cars insurance plans, general casualties and various engineering risks.

Our portfolio exceeded the sum of USD 1.500.000.- in premium during 2016 making a growth of 20% on the previous 2015 production.

Our great pride resides in the consistency of our business and the renewability of our portfolio. As a matter of fact, 97% of our policies have been renewed, of course not only because we are professional brokers, but because we offer our clients the necessary consultancy that may help them find solutions for the threats that they may encounter during the execution of their businesses.

1 Jan2017

Zakhour Agency ranked first for the year 2016

After being for five consecutive years a "Vice-president For Training and Development" at Fidelity insurance, Mr.Halim N.Zakhour , and since January 1st 2010, has been appointed for the position of "In House Agency Manager" for Fidelity Insurance Company in the purpose of recruiting and developing skilled, qualified and more professional agents in the insurance field to better serve our clients.

The agency grew faster than expected and it counted 48 agents at the end of 2016, all of them are actively productive while 16 are still under training.

Among all other working agencies in Fidelity, the Zakhour agency was ranked first place because it had a total submitted production of around USD 9.000.000